The Meh Files-Products That Didn’t Make the Cut

I really like to sample products when I’m not entirely convinced they will work for me.

This is especially true for any facial moisturizer.

Whether a brightener lightener, eye wrinkle, cellulite or anything other will work on the first trial is iffy.

Oh-the other two items that are best sampled are foundation and sunscreen.

The moisturizer requirement is all about will my face really feel moisturized after wearing the product the entire day or night?

Re: foundation, will the color look good in any light, under varying conditions ( all day, evening, thru a workout(when I need to rush off for a meeting and don’t have time to redo my whole face). Will it not become gray and ashy, by itself or when used with other products?

Re: sunscreen, will the product dry white and masky, or willit go in and disappear? Will the product have a drying affect?

The Meh files includes more than the above product categories, though:

Shiseido Benefiance SPF 15 Day Moisturizer Cream. Smells really good, light cream, fairly good moisturizing staying power. Can not put it around my eyes without stinging and tearing. Makes it a fail for me-I use it on my decollete. Might as well use it for what it can provide, far far away from my eyes. The Benefiance Eye Cream is great tho-but no spf.

Fresh Creme Ancienne-wonderful story about monks who hand mix the product in a monastery.  Plus it’s an ancient recipe created in the time of Marcus Aurelius, thus “ancienne”.  Furthermore, it was discovered in the vaults of Louis Vuitton.  I got a nice sample from the Fresh store in San Francisco.  I used the entire sample in what I call harsh conditions.  Meaning I went out to dinner and my skin was going to need a good drink after a couple of glasses of wine. I put on a good amount before bed-my skin felt a bit tight in the morning. ( Rosa artica from Kiehls is still the best for me-going thru the big M it was the only product that helped, so why do I stray? That’s just my personality to venture forth!). Knowing that the after party test was pretty good, but not perfect, I used it for my flight home to Honolulu. It was pretty good, though I always keep a cream in my flight bag to dab on during the flight.

Fresh-New SPF 50 Sunscreen.  I also got a nice sample of this product which I used for the remainder of my stay in SF and then a bit at home. It is an almost ballet pink color-pink but a little bit of apricot.  It gives a teeny bit of color to the skin-and works perfectly well if you like to go without foundation.  The only thing I would really give this product a ding on is it is a little sticky, you need a whisper of translucent HD powder so your hair doesn’t stick on your face.

Sorry Fresh, one more entry–Rose Hydrating Eye Gel Cream.  Actually the jury is still out on this–not knowing the Fresh line really well, I had a hard time choosing an eye cream. I used the Black Tea Serum on my eyes, which worked pretty well on my vertical wrinkles.  The salesperson applied a bit around one eye in a circular motion-its claim to fame is 30 hours of moisturizing and depuffing of the circles. It does feel like it tightens, though I’m not so sure about the moisture for 30 hours.

Oh oops, one more Fresh–Black Tea Serum. I hesitated because of the $85 price tag, but I had been intrigued because the sample of the eye cream worked very well, but between the two, I decided to buy the serum to use on my face and eyes. I will probably give the eye cream another shot, because you can buy the Black Tea eye cream and it comes with a Soy Fresh cleanser(awesome!), and (I think) a Lotus Preserve mask.

Sunscreens to pass on-Mustela 50+ mineral sunscreen lotion. Goes on white and stays white. I used it to golf one day, and boy did I get a tan on my arms where I used it.

The Face Shop-Baby Mild Sun Lotion SPF 30. Uses the same Sunflower ingredients. Nothing great to say about this product.  It goes on white and fades a little, but meh.

I’m interested in trying Josie Maran’s new SPF-Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 47. I don’t know much about it yet, except it smells good. I know that most of the oil products have natural sunscreen via antioxidants vitamins C and E, but that’s not quite enough in my opinion if you live in a sunny clime like Hawaii. This product does have a bit of titanium oxide and zinc-but less so. Need a sample.

Cetaphil SPF 15 lotion.  This I use to smear on when I wake up-my house is full of windows, so from early in the morning, I have sunlight on my face. This product is ok, but it stings my eyes. I recently bought another bottle of Cerave’SPF15 for the morning duty. It does not sting my eyes and was suggested by a reader-it’s very awesome!

Clarins Body Tonic Oil. It smells very nice. I watched the videos on how to apply to help stimulate the lymph nodes to help get rid of water and toxins. My skin is very soft but I can’t see much in the way of change in my skin texture or firmness.  I use it with the Cellulite Body Lift, meh.

Burts Bees Moisturizing Body Lotion. Very moisturizing, but during the day gets sticky. It has no spf, but the humectants make it a bit much.  I would recommend to ladies who are having the big M and need extra care for dryness.

This is a bit long–:-}, but needed to catch up!