I don’t mind wearing mascara, cuz I’ve never had a lot of lashes.

I’ve had bfs with longer, thicker lashes than I have.

But that’s just typical of the men v women v looking good without any anything.

That’s a different subject.

I’ve used Revitalash and GrandeLash MD which both produced great results.

Lashes like hair are cyclical, meaning, there are going to be times, every 90 days or so, when lashes fall out, and are




I was in that period and started searching the internet for a deal on GrandeLash MD. I had paid $40 for it online, which seemed like the going price for the goods.

I also wandered onto their official site, and found that the $40 version was not necessarily the real deal.

Who’da figure?

Never even realized I was buying the bootleg version at the bargain basement price.

Searching more, and checking out reviews on various skincare product sites, it appears that sometimes the bootleg version does not work.

That might be that the product user was in the 90 day cycle and thus going against the grain, or the product was just a liquid tube of hopes and dreams. Or not.


I opted for Rapidlash-a product that appeared to not be anything more than a less expensive alternative to the grandmommy products revitalash and latisse whatever.

I use it fairly faithfully, applying it thinly like eyeliner.

It definitely works.

Maybe too good because the lashes on my left eye are growing unevenly, and there’s an actual clump of lashes in the middle that look like clumpy lashes when your mascara formula is for thickening. Plus the middle lashes are significantly longer than the others.

Otherwise, this product works well enough that I still don’t want to pay $125 for a tube of trailblazer products.

It cost about $40.