Real Color – Sephora Color Swatches & Laura Mercier Free Spirit Baked Eye Shadow

Every once in awhile the beauty magazines I read will have someone with color similar to mine-asian, fair-light medium, dark hair.

But most of the time, the colors are on someone who will show how brilliant the color will be- like Allure’s January issue and the hot off the runway trend of neon colors.

I don’t think it is entirely brand-new, but color swatches eye shadow palettes against a variety of skin tones–light, olive, and dark.

It’s very helpful- Sephora Color Swatches

Plus the community can contribute their own swatches on their skin tone.


I bought the Naked’s new neutral palette this way. I do like it for doing a real nude, natural eye that you can’t really tell I have make up on, but it is a little zzzz.  I don’t wear a big shimmer or colorful lid so zzzz is pretty zzzzz.

The new Laura Mercier baked eye shadow pallette on the other hand, pretty much delivers (though there are no swatches on sephora).  I put it on dry the other day and the effect was natural but with a hint of color – blue and pink. Very shimmery.

For evening I think I will try it wet – and/or use the darker blue as a liner.

Laura Mercier - Free Spirit Baked Eye Colour Palette

Either way, this was a good buy for me and I think I will use the different colors.

As a side bar, I have a few of those shadow and lip combos from Bobbi Brown too.  I find that some colors are usable and others don’t work at all.  I have the tortoise shell collection – with the beautiful gold shimmer, a nice yellow toned neutral and then the other colors not so great on me.  I also have a lip and shadow palette with lilac and violet colors and coordinating lip – but I only use the lilac shimmer.

Yes, another sidebar – I bought a LORAC and a Nordstrom shadow palette prior – the colors are pretty, but both proved to be really cakey.  When I used the dark colors they flaked off and were hard to remove. I know some people recommend putting on your eyes before foundation,but I think it’s more of a testimony of the quality of the product if it’s that flakey.