Skull Face – Lost Weight? or Just Old?

When I look at my face in the morning I usually can gauge if I got enough sleep or not pretty easily.  My right eye tends to sag a lot if I am tired and otherwise my skin texture looks kind of blah.

Or I feel if I lose a little too much weight, my face starts to look kind of skeleton-like – bony. Some people think this is a good look, but I just think I could eat more potato chips and slather on some butter.

After visiting Melanie Tantisira, a physician of ophthmalogy and aesthetic specialist – I now know some of blame can just be put on old age and aging and gravity.

And the fact that I sleep on my right-side and the tissue on the right temple is more flattened as a result.


But then, when my side of the bed was the left-side, I always slept on my left side – so does that mean I could even out eventually?

Knowing that most people are territorial about what side of the bed they claim–that ain’t gonna happen.

So – what’s the antidote?

Gain a pound or two?


Look at those firming – volume enhancing products? Just can’t see how a product can plump up your face.

Next step would be to add a little dermal filler.

Getting old is a bitch. Can’t lose weight without looking older, can’t gain weight that doesn’t go to my gut.



Laura Mercier Eye Shadow Primer

I’m not sure why, or maybe it’s just genetics, but I see more and more small veins on my eyelids.  I’ve read as skin gets older the skin thins, and eyelids are skin, so…

I like to wear a Guava eye shadow from Laura Mercier.  It’s a sheer, peachy kind of color that brightens my lids without a lot of color.

Of late, I’ve noticed that the veins are getting harder to cover, so I decided to revisit eye shadow primer.  I had purchased “Linen” from LM, but I decided it made my eyelids too white pinkish and instead used it for my Halloween Zombie make up on my face!  It was pretty scary!

Consulting another makeup artist at NM, she suggested I used the Wheat color-totally makes sense because it matches my complexion and covers the veins but doesn’t change the color of my lids. So, my eye shadow has a truer base to start from.

The older I get the less makeup I use on my eyes-seems like I spend more time camouflaging   .

Maybe I should check out Dr. Tantisira’s fractional laser – I’ve talked to her before and her skin is flawless-no foundation whatsoever.  She does a pre-regimen of sunscreen applied 3-times daily a month prior to procedure and in some cases a melanin-prohibiting cream.

I’m a late adopter in most things – I’m still using an iPhone 3GS – am I sliding into the future?

I wish I may, I wish I might, see flawless skin, smooth and tight!

Oh well.


Can’t Believe My Eyes

Through my marketing agency, I used to work with an ophthalmologist and oculoplastic surgeon where my fascination with all things beauty really took off.

Yeh, I always liked to pat my face cream on, slather the sunscreen and use nice product, but when I started actually marketing the client as product…well, that kicked my obsession up a notch.

Then we parted ways…leaving a void.

Until recently, when I observed my new client, Melanie Tantisira MD, perform a “Madonna Lift”, a newer fractional eye lift procedure on a client.

The client has had a long term relationship of maintenance with Dr. Tantisira, starting with botox injections almost 8 years ago. Over the years she added dermal fillers to plump up areas and then….the new procedure became available.

The client previously had 3 treatments where the eye area around, under and slightly above the brows were treated with Dr. Tantisira’s fractional laser.  She has it fine tuned so she can go around the contours of the brow hairs for a complete treatment of the area.

Nadine Kam of the Honolulu Star Advertiser wrote a great story with the client’s experience if you’re a Star Advertiser subscriber the full story is available online, or signup.

The patient inserts special titanium inserts in their eyes which cover the surface of the eye and protects the eye when the eyelids are treated.  Prior to treatment, a numbing cream is applied to minimize and manage pain.

The whole reason for this post is–the patient shared her pre-Madonna Lift photos which showed she had significant bags under her eyes.

When you look at her now–it’s like she has no bags!

A couple of my friends have had traditional under-eye surgery and look fantastic- but why go under the laser scalpel if you don’t have to?

I, a serious pain-panty, am seriously considering the procedure.