Shimmer vs Radiance – Laura Mercier

I really like Laura Mercier’s approach to foundation- go for a flawless look but still natural.

Coming of age in the 90-s, I sported the matte, powdered-mask look using Lancome’s Dual-Finish, dark-brown-red lips, neutral eye.

And of late, more beauty magazines are suggesting women who are older use a lighter hand – especially when it comes to foundation for everyday looks.

The last LM make up artist event I purchased the radiance primer and tinted moisturizer liquid creme.

I do like the look-but I think the tinted moisturizer doesn’t really work for me.

However, I did combine the radiance primer, with Lancome ‘s silicon based primer over it, powdered a little with Make Up Forever’s HD Powder, and I think I found a better combination for me.  The silicon primer smooths out the edges without adding color, and the powder takes it all down a notch. For a more perfected look, I use my foundation brush and dab a little bit of Bobbi Brown’s foundation stick under my eyes, my nose and around my mouth and blend like crazy.

The other day, I picked up a sample of LM’s Illuminating tinted moisturizer.

Put on by itself, it brightens my complexion significantly-today I put on the regular tinted moisturizer over it, followed by the silicon primer and powder.

Tomorrow I think I will use it like the radiance primer, and top it off with the silicon primer, foundation stick and powder.

Stay tuned!




The Case for A Little MakeUp-Moving Looks

I recently moved. And then, I moved again!  In June, I moved from one place to another, and then last month I moved again.

I get along with my now-former bf. The first was one reason, the second move was for myself.  Anyway…

My experience in June.  My hair is long so I put it up in two high ponytails and then twirled them around so they are little buns-kind of that Chinese doll look.  I thought it did the job of getting my hair out of the way, stayed in place, and when I took it down, gave me nice swirly waves.

I had my moving outfit on–shorts and a t-shirt and platform slippers and went to the bank.  The guy at the counter was new, young and looked slightly metro.  He looked at me in disbelief-like I had rollers in my hair.  I said, “I’m moving-this works for me.”

Obviously, for a guy 25 years younger than me, it didn’t.

So many weeks later, I went back in, dolled up for an appointment and had the same guy.  This guy really needs to hide his facial reactions.  This time, he looked at me like I must be in his ballpark age range, because his reaction was like, “Wow!”.  Instead of….

Hardy har ha.

So I moved again a few weeks ago. Mostly in my dance togs as I would load up my car and bring it back into “town”. I moved stealthily in the mid morning when only the neighbor with the twin stroller was going in and out.

So, there is no big story on my second move, but I did avoid the bank teller!

The case for being a little madeUp is-when you don’t want to be noticed, they notice.  And when you want to be noticed, they notice, so put your best face forward…for yourself of course!

Look for the red fingernails coming soon!


My Friends Have Asked Me To Blog About Skincare and Makeup Products I Like

I realized about 15 years ago that I should take better care of my skin and my appearance. Starting with the basics, I used sunscreen everyday, drank lots of water and got plenty of exercise. Over time, I became very interested in skincare and makeup products-mostly because they are fun to learn about and that many of my friends share the curiosity.  At the same time, many people commented on how I’ve retained youthful skin and few wrinkles at rest. So, nowadays,  I just love products and sharing what I discover about how effective they are for me, and make recommendations when people ask me.  My bf said to include the fact that I don’t get paid by the various companies to write about them.

I pretty much plan to review products as I use them, making an honest attempt to keep my testing of products as pure as possible, or I will mention if I am doing otherwise.

What I hear from my friends is their main concerns are brown, dark, sun spots on their faces, wrinkles, foundation, eye liner that doesn’t run and just about anything else related to aging and maintaining what they’ve got and trying to prevent further damage.

Here and there I will probably post about other stuff-mainly my passion for taking ballet and jazz dance classes, and my doggies.

So here goes!