Avoiding the Clumpity Clump Lashes-Maybelline Lash Discovery

One thing I have to say about the set of Trish McEvoy kit I recently got at Nords, was, I liked the mascara.

It had a tiny skinny brush that, after using the sample for a couple of weeks, did not make my lashes a a clumped up mess that needed some detangling with a lash comb.

I’m just not that high maintenance.

Uh-well I just like make up and skincare.

But, strike that, I am lazy to take that extra step.

So, after using up the sample, I was in search of the same sort of skinny brush.

Looked all around in the normal brands I like, Laura Mercier, Bobbi etc. – but did not find it. I’ve tried cult-fave Definicils, but I didn’t care for it either.

So, resolved to end my search, I took to the drugstore brands. After all if all of the ads were true, if I were able to get lashes that are sky high, or stiletto long, then might I be able to find a skinny brush?

I found it in Maybelline’s Lash Discovery. Their website is hideous-all black, hurts my eyes.

Nto really made because of the skinny brush-but mad to be a skinny brush to get to the crevices that are difficult to reach with those giganto big lash brushes.

It’s quite tiny in fact.

I like it, it works, but washing it off leaves much to be desired.

Again, in the land of the lazy, if it doesn’t come off with my beloved Cerave’ Gentle Cleanser, I’m off in search again.