Lash Me Update-Lancome Hypnose Super Duper Drama and LM LL Bleu

I like it big I like it fat I like it loooonnnngggg!!

No no nononononono-I’m talking about my lashes!

The life of an eyelash is 90 days, and since the first round of grande lash md to grow them really long, I’ve been lazy.

So, being the type that uses my mascara samples, of which I’ve gotten bored, I venture to the Lancome counter.  The very friendly person was at Ala Moana and is now at WW mall.  We go through all the types of Lancome – and I have had a sample of Hypnose but there are so many variations my head hurt.

So I end up picking the Hypnose Drama – it has a wavy brush that you maneuver to help lengthen and curl at the same time.

For whatever reason, I find myself on the other side of the island and at NM’s Laura Mercier counter.  I’ve been reading about blue mascara and how it brightens your eyes-so I’ve been looking around for a month or two.  I checked the drugstore shelves for a cheap suitor – but to no avail, in the land of dark hair color, I found mostly black, really black, and brownish black.

I knew Laura Mercier would have and yes she did.  I had a sample of Long Lashes in Black, so that’s where I started.  The rep put on the Bleu version of long lashes and the affect is very subtle, but definitely there.

When I use the two together – the Drama and the Long Lash Bleu-I really do think my eyes look brighter.

I only apply one coat of mascara of anything I put on – because I just don’t have the time.

I barely have time to curl my lashes, which I decided to do after having the squeezey curler from LM for months.

It’s a great effect. I need a little push and pull and lengthen.

I guess that’s a better way to put it.

So then.



Clinique high impact extreme volume mascara

I got this because I wanted a gift with product and I needed a little more to get the gift.

The tube is a sleek but chubby silver with a green stripe on the cap. The brush is really fat–

After all the way it looks – when I first pulled it out – I thought the product seemed really thick and gloppy.  But I used it anyway–it works well but you have to be careful not to get it on your skin around your eyes. It’s very lengthening and voluminizing and very black.

But after using it a month or so, daily, the product glops on and clumps my lashes together.  I only do the top lashes, and they get smushed into small haystacks of lashes instead of separated.

I’ve always liked Mac mascaras like False Lashes, so it looks like I have to go back. I don’t really like Lancome’s Defenicils because I don’t have time to do more than one coat.  L’Oreal’s Millionize is pretty good for drugstore, Laura Mercier’s is pretty good and yes, this can go on forever and ever…….



Bat My Eyes! Clinique High Impact Extreme Mascara

The BF and I have a little deal.  He uses the Super Defense SPF 25 EVERYDAY to protect his blue eyed self, and I look for a Clinique gift with purchase so I can get the freebies.

As a side note, don’t you just hate it when you’re like $4 away from the gift threshold and you end up buying $20 more of something you don’t really need? Afterall you can only have so many pencil sharpeners – though Laura Mercier’s is superior.


I am the queen of lazy when it comes to putting on more than one coat of mascara so my mascara has to do it in one application, and I mean one short application.  Instead of brushing and brushing and coating each lash, I pretty much do 5-6 brushes, while pulling my lashes upward.  I skip the lower lashes. I skip curling them.

I’m not a mascara conniseur like some of my friends, but I am open to trying something new. For the most part, I get so many sampler tubes, I really don’t have to buy mascara – but I end up buying to get to the gift threshold.

Over the years my favs were Great Lash, Mac’s False Lashes, L’Oreal’s Voluminize, Bobbi Brown’s Party Lash (?), Cliniique couple of different formulas. And many many more.

But as a marketing person I think it’s funny that the Clinique ad agency must have sat there and said to themselves,  how many adjectival adverbs can I use in the product name?

The product is a performer. It only takes a couple of sweeps to get the product taking your lashes to new heights of length and volume.  For me that means, fat and long at the same time.

The only thing is- the formula is very liquid-y so it’s easy to smear it, and it kind of builds up on the brush. And the brush is so fat, it doesn’t work well on lower lashes.

There you go—now you have to buy their bottom eyelash mascara with the special brush to get the gift.

Great product, but seriously, why not just make a mascara with two brushes on the ends for upper and lower?


Twirl Girl – Curly Lashes!

I’m one of those girls who loves my products but when it comes to doing some steps – well, I just skip them.

Like doing exfoliating masks on a regular basis. I start out with good intentions, but until I read an article about the goodness of scrubbing I fall off the wagon.

And then there is the curling of the lashes.

I like the look and watch my friends curl theirs – or seek out products that curl the lashes and then whip out the curler.

But pretty much all I do is put on my MAC Falselashes, brush on one coat with a pulling up direction and off I go!

But the other day, I got my make up professionally done by Dorys Foltin of Maleana Cosmetics on Waialae Avenue.  She expertly applied a few single lashes and then the finishing touch – her Twirl heated lash curler.

Twirl, a product distributed by Dorys thru Maleana, is different in that the heated wand, is curved and has little comb-like bristles that help pull your lashes.

I noticed even after having them curled at 11am in the morning, at 9pm at night they were still curled.

I give a high recommend!


L’Oreal Millionize False Fiber Lashes Mascara

I only like to do one coat of mascara.  Call me lazy, but I just don’t bother.  I don’t curl my lashes either but that’s because of my mascara technique where I tilt my head when applying mascara so my lashes stand up anyway.

I did try Bobbi Brown’s After Party Mascara- that’s the one that you can apply in the morning, and then apply again later in the day before you go out for after work cocktails.

I LOVE L’Oreal’s Volumnize Mascara in the regular formula – you know the one that Eva Longoria advertises.  That’s a great mascara-one coat, very black, really long and thick!

So, after seeing Gwen Stefani’s ads for False Fiber-the ad campaign is relentless – I bought the product.  It does a good job with thickening and lengthening,and the lashes are really black, but the fibers “break off” and get in my eyes.

So, I have to say no to this product.