Tweak Me

I’ve written about this before, but it’s definitely worth a revisit.  As friends the same age as I am have their under eye bags done, I admire the work of their plastic surgeons.  Usually under general anesthesia, they are magically given back 5 years or more, or at least, they look like they’ve had a great night’s rest!

Though the examples of the surgeon’s work is pretty spectacular-I’m not quite ready for surgical steps.

I noticed in the last 6 months or so, that I have fine lines around my eyes, and instead of being “wrinkles in motion”, they were starting to have some staying power, and becoming “lines at rest”.

In other words, crow’s feet.

I’ve been a lot happier overall in the last year, so I’ve been smiling more.

Thus, crow’s feet.

So many months back, we had dinner with a business associate whose wife is a very Barbie-like, LA style type. Not a wrinkle in sight, but obvious signs of dermal fillers and cosmetic denervation aka Botox.

I might have thought she was in her early 40-s, but the tell-tale signs were there  over her cheeks-the signs appeared and gave her away when she smiled.

Obviously I speak from experience.

I would never let a non-MD inject me no matter how many years of experience they have, or how many times they watched a medical doctor inject.

Add to that, I’d seriously reconsider if the physician didn’t have facial plastics or cosmetics cred. I mean seriously, I recently heard of a dentist offering Botox!

I’ve used a plastic surgeon, an oculoplastic surgeon and an ophthamologist to do my Botox injections.  This makes sense to me, because they have specifically learned how the muscles in the FACE and around the eye area works.

My most recent visit was to do just around the eyes–I went to Dr. Melanie Tantisira, an ophthalmologist who has been injecting for nearly 25 years.

I want to look natural and still have expression around my eyes.  Also wanted to address my drooping brow-which when I haven’t had enough sleep actually goes the other way- meaning up- it makes me look like I’m doing a Spock impression. I have trained myself to not furrow my brow – but I can’t help it when I have a headache and end up furrowing in my sleep.

I am very impressed with my results! I don’t look different at all, but when I smile I don’t crinkle quite as much. My brow has just enough lift.

Finding the right person to inject is kind of like the Three Bears story.

Someone who gets it just right!