Is It Working?

That’s probably what most people think when they get a new product and start using it-wondering if their fine lines are diminished, brown spots are lighter or skin looks refreshed and dewy?

I have invested in enough products over the last 15 years or so to fight back the ravages of my younger sun days, but resisted using retinol products until now.

Maybe at the 10 years ago mark, I used Retin A because everyone else was trying it, and I couldn’t handle the flaking of my facial skin.  I was working full-time in sales where, it was hard to explain what was going on with my face when I met a new potential client.

I tried tri-luma and various other vitamin A based products, but always veered away because they were too irritating.

I don’t like to exfoliate either with harsh scrubs so, I probably wasn’t giving my products the best opportunity to work at the end of the day.

Vitamin A, retinols, tretonin and related, are used to encourage exfoliation and build collagen.  As people grow older the renewal process slows down so we need a little help.

I’ve been noticing more fine lines around my eyes, and a little bit of melasma on my cheek so I was starting to think about switching from my regimen of Kiehl’s Power Concentrate; a vitamin C based product which did wonders on lightening my skin.

But change is almost always good.

So, I got a bottle of True Vision Center’s retinol serum, at the 5x strength and have been alternating with other products.  It depends on how my skin is feeling at night – whether I was in the sun at all, or wore more make up than usual, felt tight etc.

What I’ve noticed is, on the nights I don’t use the retinol based serum, it feels like my other products are “doing something”.

And no flaking!

Prior to this, I’d put the product on, and they’d feel like nice comforting creams and I’d go to bed.

I have noticed after about two weeks of this alternating schedule, my fine lines around my eyes are smoothing out.

Will post an update in about a month.


Outcome: Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spots Solution

Ok, I know I was supposed to compare the Kiehl’s product for the sun spots under my eyes to the spot on my foot ( I live in Hawaii so my feet are exposed in sandals), but I lost interest in the second step.

I did however, carry it through the whole bottle using the product morning and day until the bottle was empty.

My experience was it made the spots under my eyes smaller but did not remove them completely.  I decided I wanted to move on to another product so I decided to not purchase another bottle.

You have probably experienced similar outcomes, and when you mention it to the salesperson, they recommend 2-3 bottles.  I’ve taken that route too, and the only product that I think works well and I will continue to buy is another Kiehl’s product – Power Line Reducer.

The vitamin C product has reduced my spots overall, and the other day when I was rushing and late getting to an appointment, I put on my sunscreen, lipstick, brows, liner and mascara and NO Foundation!

I feel confident enough to not wear foundation to a business appointment.  Now that is saying something about the results!

In any case, the Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective product does work, but may take a few bottles to really see results that you’ll appreciate.


Brown Spots BeGone!

Fraxel re:fine treatment for Melasma.Baseline ...

Image by USP Hospitales via Flickr

This is an example of in my pursuit of delivering the best in client service, I agreed to have the Fraxel laser used on me.  The Fraxel, was the new “it” thing in removing brown spots – something that many Asian women in Hawaii are interested in getting rid of, including myself.

The first treatment used the standard application of lidocaine to numb the pain.   The treatment lasted about 20 minutes, and felt pretty painful around the thin skin areas on the temples and cheekbones.  I was swollen for about 5 days, mainly from my reaction to the lidocaine.  My face was very red and puffy.

The second treatment, a mixture of lidocaine and another anesthetic was used and I think my pain tolerance was about the same. However after the redness calmed down, I thought the melasma patches were starting to dissipate.

 This was about the time I got the tv story for my client in which I appeared.  Brown Spots Be Gone! KGMB/KHNL 

The third treatment I received anesthetic shots in my face, which were more painful than the treatment!

I didn’t have more treatment after that-I’m just too much of a pain panty.

The original Fraxel laser marketing materials used a really old Asian woman who had good results. I think it removed some of the melasma, but I wouldn’t do such a harsh procedure again.

From what I have read in various publications since my treatment, if  you’re Asian, it is highly recommended to always err to the side of caution in getting a procedure that might cause inflammation, or as some marketing materials allude to the necessity to, “injure the skin to start the rejuvenation process.”