Hardly Dead-Products from the Dead Sea

Prior to the bf’s last travels, the Dead Sea was something that I heard about in my college oceanography class and in movies now and then.  For my omiage(Japanese tradition of souvenir gift giving) he brought me back a treasure trove of products from Ahava.

I love all my choices!

I’ve been comparing the performance of different body moisturizers between how they feel on the windward side of the island vs town-side, or Honolulu proper.  I had been using Cera Ve’ and Aveeda’s Baby Cream in town and they are perfect-but if I put them on in town and drive over the hill, I get sticky.

This morning I tried out Ahava’s Dead Sea Moisturizing Sorbet-a very pleasant smelling, frothy cream-gel that slides on the skin.  It is 9 hours later, and after a trip to town and back and a nap it feel perfectly moisturized with no stickiness.

I put the sorbet product on one leg and the mud product on the other.  The mud product is in cream form-so a little thicker-and it had the mineral mud  ingredients for sensitive skin.  This leg feels equally moisturized!

I’ll keep you posted-it’s scheduled to use the mud facial and body facial – put on and leave on for 2 minutes and rinse!

Hmmm-sounds fun!