DryDock-Secret Single Behaviors

Just recently I had all the time in the world to do my secret single behaviors.

You know in Sex-In-The-City Carrie ate crackers and read her fashion magazines and Charlotte stared into the mirror counting the pores on her nose.

I am constantly amazed at how people who have regular jobs that they appear at in the morning, and stay thru the day, maybe running errands at lunch, I always wonder how they get everything done. Like grocery shopping, laundry, clean the house, pick up haircare, study and buy beauty products,  dry-cleaning etc. I guess that’s why shopping centers and such are so busy on the weekend and the weekday evenings.  I usually avoid those areas at those times.

Since I freelance, that’s pretty easy for me.  My schedule is pretty much my own-at least until recently when I started hanging with the man-in-my-life on a frequent basis.  It hasn’t been very long(the post office just sent a note saying my 3-month forwarding of mail is pau) but it has impacted my schedule.

So…yesterday and today I have a little time to drydock myself back into shape. You know those little things you do when the b or g-friend is not around.

Like for me that would include my honey body scrub to soften me up to silky smoothness, dermologica gentle cream exfoliant for my face, followed by a moisture mask, polish my toes, file my nails, do my bleph treatment on my lower and upper lids(helps with moisture in my eyes for contact lens), deep condition my hair, dehair, and moisturize with my new product Cerave’ body cream(recommended by a reader for sensitive skin-the real moisture test for me will be to use it during the day and see how it goes).

I’ve always been a great time manager so I do all of this while I am doing my work.  So though drydock means resting at a spa for some people, for me it means it’s a double-duty multi-tasking day.