FUNKY with a Capital F-Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream

Funakdiscious-funkalicious-funky this and that.

There must be a new marketing director at Elizabeth Arden -haven’t heard about this brand for years until the last year or so.

More mags of late have had beauty editors gushing about how great this iconic cream is.  The urban legend is it was formulated with flight attendants in mind(stewardesses back when it was created) because they work in uber dry conditions and needed some extra care.

So when Macy’s had the Elizabeth Arden gift with purchase, I went to our local Ala Moana store–I wondered did they recently add an Elizabeth counter? Eons ago, back in the Helena Rubenstien days, Arden had a counter too.

The Chanel girl told me, no, they had once carried the cream in the new section of trendy boutique brands, but not any more.

So,me having never tried it, went online and, to get the gift bought 2 tubes.

It arrived yesterday and after cleansing, I squeezed out a bit.  It looks like a gel, so I squeezed out about a 1/2 inch thinking it was more like jello.

It was not.

I put some on, and it was so thick it was like dragging on my skin to spread it.  It’s like vaseline jelly if you froze it, or otherwise sucked out the moisture and slide- ability.

I thought, ok I’ll give it a chance even though it feels terrible and smells funky funky funky.

I attempted to rub the remainder on elbows and knees but only made them stick so I washed it off.

Then the bf comes for a goodnight kiss and right away his reaction is ewgh! What do you have on-it’s terrible, spleh spleh spleh–and he promptly went to brush his teeth again.

Climbing into bed he further growsed about how terrible the product smelled and said it made his lips numb.

Needless to say I washed it all off and applied something else.

On the reviews, I only read about people who loved the cream.  I don’t know if I got a funky batch-but what I had was eewwww!





Johnson&Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel


Like I said before – I LOVE the smell of baby products!

So, I’m getting my supply of J&J Baby Wash-I actually like the honey-apple version for the wash, and the baby fragrance for the 24-hour, but I saw something new!

Okay, new to me.

It was Baby Oil Gel -the package saying it lasts 8-10 hours longer than just lotion.

So, of course I have to try it.

Took a shower so I can have a clean surface to work with – I was expecting gel – like the aloe-gel you smooth on after a sun burn, or something like jello.

I squeezed it out and it is seriously THICK. It really doesn’t glide on the skin so much as you need to smear it on.

I am sure that this is perfect for townie dry weather – but not sure how it is going to fare on the more moist windward side, but my first impression is it is very moisturizing but maybe too much so.

Of late, I’ve also noticed by beloved Kiehl’s SPF 30 lotion is starting to feel sticky as well. Could it be that my skin is getting used to the place I used to visit only once every other year and usually out of necessity?




Hardly Dead-Products from the Dead Sea

Prior to the bf’s last travels, the Dead Sea was something that I heard about in my college oceanography class and in movies now and then.  For my omiage(Japanese tradition of souvenir gift giving) he brought me back a treasure trove of products from Ahava.

I love all my choices!

I’ve been comparing the performance of different body moisturizers between how they feel on the windward side of the island vs town-side, or Honolulu proper.  I had been using Cera Ve’ and Aveeda’s Baby Cream in town and they are perfect-but if I put them on in town and drive over the hill, I get sticky.

This morning I tried out Ahava’s Dead Sea Moisturizing Sorbet-a very pleasant smelling, frothy cream-gel that slides on the skin.  It is 9 hours later, and after a trip to town and back and a nap it feel perfectly moisturized with no stickiness.

I put the sorbet product on one leg and the mud product on the other.  The mud product is in cream form-so a little thicker-and it had the mineral mud  ingredients for sensitive skin.  This leg feels equally moisturized!

I’ll keep you posted-it’s scheduled to use the mud facial and body facial – put on and leave on for 2 minutes and rinse!

Hmmm-sounds fun!