AHAVA Dead Sea Salts – Pas Deux

I am loving my Ahava Dead Sea products.  Especially the body cream sorbet-perfectly light and very moisturizing, and a great light fragrance.

I tried the Butter Salt Scrub the other day-wondering if it would be like the macadamia nut and salt scrubs I have tried in the past that leave you soft but you have to scrub out a huge oil slick from your shower post exfoliation.

The butter salts are more butter than salt, and the formulation of the butter part is creamy but dissolves easily when you rinse off the product.  Plus the emphasis is on butter-the salt granules are not prevalent, but they do the trick!  Post shower, my skin was both soft and smooth for hours without extra lotion.

The other day, after a run that consisted of a few laps around the block, my and the blue-eyed man decided to try out the facial and body products – post shower of course.

The liquid dead sea salts have a gel-like consistency and go on just like that – sort of like sliding jello on yourself.  They don’t sting, but I wouldn’t put it on sensitive areas if you know what I mean.

The facial mask is more “mud” like.  Almost like a clay-mask.  The product claims to remove toxic stuff, smooth, and even provide UV protection. I’m not sure how it does that since you rinse it off.

Post slathering-we both agreed that our skin felt softer and curiously moisturized.

I can’t say I felt like it took out any of the toxins from the wine and champagne I had the night before but I slept like a baby.