Customer Participation or Ignoration?

I like making up new morphy-words.

I really like Nordstrom’s a lot – the clothing selections are good for my age (early 50-s) and they aren’t stuffed on racks that I have to shove around to look at, or compete with the other lady who wears the same size like at Macy’s.

But what bugs me about Nords is-and I’ve written about this before, is the serious lack of  make up department salespeople in our Honolulu store.

I have the luxury of going during the day before or after lunchtime – but when I go at lunchtime – everyone that’s supposed to be working there has also taken lunch! That so does not make sense to me since a lot of people run to the mall during lunch and pick up stuff.

So, more and more, I’ve noticed that there are plentiful samples of new products like Kiehl’s new copper peptide cream Power Wrinkle Reducer w spf 30.

Prior to that Shiseido had samples of their foundation, as well as Estee Lauder.

So, my question is, is this to help the customers who don’t like to chit chat with the beauty salespeople? Or is it to save money on personnel–kind of like the auto-self-checkout counters at Home Depot and Safeway?

In an economic time where repeat business is key–why would Nords not provide the customer service of interaction with a consultant?  Did they do the math and figure that to pay someone commission on sales, or an hourly wage, pays less in revenues than to just leave self-serve samples?

Don’t get me wrong – I actually love samples and it’s easy to just cruise by and pick them up, but….


Yesterday, I was cruising NM to pre-shop for their Beauty Event on Feb 21. And I ending up buying some Fresh Body Wash in Nectarine Milk, recommended by a friend and follower.  She prefers the original Milk fragrance.  More on that later.

What impressed me, is the salesperson was very helpful, offered me a few other items, and once she had my credit card to refer to, spoke to me using my first name!

What a turn-around for NM!

When our local NM and Nords have beauty events nearly back to back-it’s hard to choose what to get, or save up a few items to reach the goal of the samples w the obligatory tote bag. If you really love it (I do) you end up with oodles of bags and a bunch of totebags that I use to tote stuff back and forth from town to ww side.

So, in the beauty race for dollars – is NM in the left-hand fast lane back to the top on the race for beauty dollars in Honolulu?

Something to think about.

If you want to that is.