Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Facial Cleanser

When I was a young teen, I was fortunate and rarely had pimples, but my Mom would buy me Netrogena soap.

I loved the look of the transparent soap, and much like shaving away the square edges of a Fatboy ice cream while slowly eating it, I would try to keep the edges of the soap sharp as I used the soap.

At 50+, my main goal is to cleanse without drying AND take off mascara in one step. ¬†Now that I’m on the other side of maturity, my skin is less dry and probably in the normal category.

The product smells faintly of jasmine, but is formulated for sensitive skin. It’s a clear, liquid, and when you pump it out, I always add water first. ¬†Seems like putting it directly on my face would be too strong.

I’d compare it to using cetaphil or the like.

I’m not in love with it, but it works for now.