Cocktails Anyone?

One thing about getting older, er, two things about getting older are; white/gray hair and in my case, frizziness.

Gone are the days I used the generic detergent they call shampoo at the Honolulu Club, and at the time, I didn’t bother with conditioner. But I digress….

The first shampoo I used was S-Factor, then on to Bio-something, Bedhead, and Alterna-all salon shampoos. (There’s a website I will post later that lists all the harsh ingredients in these products and basically how toxic they are).  Then, I met Lincoln, a hair product supplier one day, and he gave me a sample of Neuma Shampoo and Conditioner.  Neuma products are organic, smell great and cleanse without harsh detergents.  Add to that, Kitoko Oil–something that smells amazing wonderful great, and makes my hair really shiny. I had tried Moroccan Oil (stinky) and Argan Oil (too thick), but Kitoko oil, a UK product, had me with the fragrance.  You know with long hair, waving it around and smelling my hair is a habit I’ve had since 7th grade.

Neuma Product Line Up

But I’m supposed to talk about cocktails–I went to B.O.S.S., Lincoln’s storefront, to purchase refills of shampoo and conditioner.  He just happened to be there and introduced me to the idea of a “cocktail”.  Five drops of Kitoko oil, couple spritz of Neuma mousse, style extender and 3 squirts of blow dry lotion and woila!

Normally, this is waaaaaayyy too much effort – but this is the only thing I have used on my hair that makes it feel like it did when I was in 7th grade-no frizzes, really shiny and strong feeling strands.

The Neuma products are a high recommend from me if you’ve been coloring, highlighting, flat ironing and otherwise damaging your hair with chemicals.  Nearly everyday I see over-processed hair, and I just think maybe I’ll just say, “Time for a cocktail!”