Waxing Poetic? Or just waxy?

Every once in a while I try something because why not?

I was in safeway and needed hair conditioner, and I thought what the h-how about use this Herbal Essence stuff and have as good a time in the shower as those girls in the commercials?

Well, yep the product smelled nice, but rinsing it out of my hair at home, where the shower pressure is decent, well it took a really long time.

And, it left a funny filmy film on my hair as I rinsed.

Oh well-it was only $4.

Then, I ran out of my Neuma conditioner, and being the hair spoiler I (usually) am, I thought Longs drugstore might have some good brands.  Even bedhead or something.

The best they had was Nexxus-so I chose the light moisture version. Smelled kind of strong-but I bought it.

The shampoo was ok – but the conditioner. That was another story.

Felt (feels) like the $4 bottle. But at $18 a bottle – made me very unhappy to have the same experience, plus stinky fragrance.

I should take it back-but I figure it’s too much trouble and the salesclerk wouldn’t get me anyway.