Overnight-The Away Kit

There comes a moment in a new relationship when one needs to think about what they would need for an overnight – or at least be prepared.  Men have it easy, they just fall out of bed and they pretty much look the same.

My routine is floss, brush, moisturizer super boosted with Philosophy Vitamin C powder, sunscreen, primer, foundation.  Eyebrows, shadow,liner, mascara.  Blush, lip and Makeup Forever HD Powder.

That’s a lot of stuff to carry around.  How to simplify?  Sometimes when I visit my folks in Maui, I get there and realize I forgot something fairly critical like cleanser.

Got the answer for that.  These nifty face wipes I got at the Face Shop.  Gentle, herbal and they take off makeup with no rubbing!  I don’t like those baby oil wipes-makes my face greasy and that’s one more step to tone.  These herbal wipes are one step, no oil, very freshening and only $2 for 20 wipes!

On any given day, I have so much stuff that I carry around that I got a locker at the gym because my shoulder was hurting from carrying my dance bag, my clothes and my makeup, hair stuff and whatever else. I think my makeup kit all by itself is 4-5 pounds.  I offloaded the hair stuff which would be the Kitoko Oil and Neuma cocktail ingredients, plus three types of lotion, one being Kiehl’s spf30 Body Lotion (smells like coconuts), Johnson&Johnson 24 Hour Moisture, and Bliss Lemon and Sage.

My back feels a lot better.

What can I get away with for an impromtpu overnight? I like to visualize processes and do a walk through so I can figure out what I need.  Will it fit in my purse?

Face wipes-makeup remover, moisturizer w spf, floss, toothbrush, toothpaste, elastic for my hair. Maybe BB cream, mascara, eyebrow stuff, liner, rose balm.

Believe it or not, most of this stuff would fit in the bag I carry around.

There’s also a thought process into what I wear the night before that doesn’t make me walk the walk of shame!  Remember Carrie from Sex in the City walking home in her evening clothes at 7a in the morning when she runs into Miranda?

That’s another post.