Shimmer vs Radiance – Laura Mercier

I really like Laura Mercier’s approach to foundation- go for a flawless look but still natural.

Coming of age in the 90-s, I sported the matte, powdered-mask look using Lancome’s Dual-Finish, dark-brown-red lips, neutral eye.

And of late, more beauty magazines are suggesting women who are older use a lighter hand – especially when it comes to foundation for everyday looks.

The last LM make up artist event I purchased the radiance primer and tinted moisturizer liquid creme.

I do like the look-but I think the tinted moisturizer doesn’t really work for me.

However, I did combine the radiance primer, with Lancome ‘s silicon based primer over it, powdered a little with Make Up Forever’s HD Powder, and I think I found a better combination for me.  The silicon primer smooths out the edges without adding color, and the powder takes it all down a notch. For a more perfected look, I use my foundation brush and dab a little bit of Bobbi Brown’s foundation stick under my eyes, my nose and around my mouth and blend like crazy.

The other day, I picked up a sample of LM’s Illuminating tinted moisturizer.

Put on by itself, it brightens my complexion significantly-today I put on the regular tinted moisturizer over it, followed by the silicon primer and powder.

Tomorrow I think I will use it like the radiance primer, and top it off with the silicon primer, foundation stick and powder.

Stay tuned!




Out with Old, IN with the New!

It’s that time of year and Honolulu Nordstroms is having their big beauty event!  I decided to try and beat the crowds and went today and get my makeup done by Laura Mercier’s national artist, “Mark”.

It was interesting because one artist prepped my face with skincare-all of the products felt really good on my skin.  A vitamin A and Vitamin C serum, followed by Repair Serum and topped off with Repair Cream.

Once that was set, the next step and next artist applied primer with radiance and tinted moisturizer. I wear less and less foundation as my skin gets better, so less is more.  The artist applied concealer and brightener. Both made a big difference and the technique was so different than what I learned from Bobbi Brown.  A  lot less product and only where needed–lightly brushing in the brightening powder in the crevices. The artist shared a trick to lift the eyelids by drawing fine strokes of concealer up and out at the corner lid.

Onto color with Mark.  It was pretty interesting because I already use Silk Creme foundation, blush, Audrey lip color et al.  Mark told me that the foundation is great for a night out but really I didn’t need that much coverage and that it was aging.  Same for my beloved Audrey color – lighter was better.

I wanted to learn Laura’s smokey eye look and there were three choices–smoky in the crease, smoky smudged eyeliner and smokey shadow.  I wanted to learn the liner technique.

So beautifully simple.  Using the creme shadow in gold-kind of a beige neutral, that was patted on and above the lid.  Followed by tightener in bluemarine-a midnight blue color–no wings, just the slightest uplift and pushed into my lashes. No liner on the bottom.

Then he took the Caviar stick in Smoke-applied with a smudge brush and smudged more to cover about have the lower part of the lid. Such a nice clean and for me an updated look!

A little bit of blush and brightening powder and I was done.

Very light hand – loved the look!

I’m a Laura devotee!


Got Protection? Tinted Sunscreen

I’m always on the prowl for anything new in the way of sunscreen.  Living in Hawaii it’s a necessity with pretty much sunny weather 365 days a year.

A few weeks ago I was tooling around Nordstroms and picked up a sample of the Clarin’s spf 40 Tinted Moisturizer that is offered in light, medium and dark shades.

Love the texture- the tinted version uses the same as the original formula, which is a opaque white but dries clear with no chalky look.

There’s a few reservations I have for the product. As usual for most products that have the one size fits all approach of light, medium, dark-they don’t take into consideration all the different shades of complexion.  Which is ok, but if that’s all you’re wearing in terms of foundation-one size does not fit all.

The other thing I was thinking this morning as I did my morning routine, was if I use only the tinted moisturizer, would I be covering all areas on my face?  I put my foundation on with a very light hand, just a little pea of product which I rub with my fingertips and pat on.

A far cry from the recommended dime size dollop of sunscreen-and that’s really for those creamy thick formulas that you wear to the beach.

I use the regular formula Clarins spf40 as my daily face sunscreen and I draw out about an inch of product and using the same fingertip rub motion I pat that on, but all over.

So, if I was only using the tinted moisturizer I wouldn’t necessarily get it on my entire face.

So it makes sense to use both regular sunscreen, followed by the tinted version. But isn’t that double?

Yeah, but more is better when it comes to sunscreen.

And then there’s foundations and BB creams with spf.

In my opinion, same thing.  You really need to use regular sunscreen under, and put the color product on over.

I’ve done both for years, foundation and sunscreen- even if the foundation has spf15-but why is it so low?  Is it because higher spfs mess with the foundation formula?

Must be something like that, because I have tried all my sunscreens-Clarins, Trish McAvoy, Laura Mercier’s Primer w spf, Neutragena and my outdoor screen, Ocean Potion and none of them work well with the Laura Mercier’s new moisturizing foundation.

I put sunscreen on, let it dry, and everything I have tried so far, the new foundation “pills” and I end up smearing it off. Ick. Not my favorite thing since I disliked doing anything that pulls or tugs my skin.

I can only thing using a makeup sponge or brush would make the problem worse and more streaky weird.

In a few days, I’m going to Nordstorms event with the Laura Mercier national artist applying the makeup-so I will definitely ask, What’s up?

But as for sunscreen, apply, and repeat.


I Love Liquid Foundation–Plus Primer Picks!

When I was a fresh faced young woman, powder foundation was my make up of choice.  Fast, just whip out the compact, apply the product with a sponge and Voila!  I loved Lancome’s Dual Finish, Mac, Bare Minerals, Shiseido’s spf compact, Prescriptives. So easy!

But one day, I noticed when I applied sunscreen as the last layer before foundation, my powder foundation would discolor and look gray as the day went on.  I couldn’t figure it out.

Dundadundun.  And then…..

All of a sudden, with aging, my skin dried up! My face, my body, even my hair!

I was in a panic.  No matter what I did my skin was parched.  I tried a lot of different brands of cream for night as my day moisturizer, and nothing really helped.  This went on for about 3 years, when one day, my skin finally settled down and became normal/dry once more.

Gee-really went off the trail.

My current liquid foundation is Silk Creme by Laura Mercier.  Just a little pea, somedays half a pea of product, smushed between two fingers on each hand and patted on. Easy, fabulous natural dewy coverage, that I swear I have received more compliments on my

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation - Magical!skin from men and women.

skin from men and women.

Another foundation I loved was Bobbi Brown, Skin Foundation-great coverage, went through 3 bottles, then my beloved product specialist, Jamie, left to do nails.  I admit I kind of left the counter after that.

Probably one of the best products I have started using in the last two years is foundation primer.  I have tried Makeup Forever, Lancome, Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown Face Base (smells so good!), drugstore brand L’Oreal, Peter Thomas Roth and Armani.  I strongly prefer silicon based products,  and if they have skin treatment even better.

My current primer is Lancome’s silicon primer–pretty simple, nothing extra but I definitely see a difference on days I don’t use it.  When I apply the primer, my foundation is on a little cushion, and stays fresher for the rest of the day.  Somedays I use Laura Mercier’s refresher product, Secret Finish.

Primers that are more liquid based like Laura Mercier’s just doesn’t do it for me.  My skin is very moisturized by the time I am ready for foundation, so that is something I have come to realize is that since I already do a bunch of stuff to my face, I don’t get any benefit of liquid based primers.

However, Bobbi Brown’s Face Base is heaven to smell!  I used 4-5 jars of the lemon-grass smelling cream!  I used it as my moisturizer and foundation base. But I can’t tell a lie, it was really because I LOVE the smell!

I am in search of a tinted moisturizer.  I’ve tried a lot – either too much or too little coverage, and even though I realize they are “buildable” what’s the point? If I want to add more, I’ll just skip to foundation.  Laura Mercier’s tinted radiant moisturizer made me too shiny, even for me, Dew queen.

Anyway… powder for me in the foreseeable future.