Spock No More! A Little Help From Dysport

For the first many many years of my life, when quizzical, I would raise my right eyebrow just like Spock. But as the years went by, maybe 5 years ago, (right around the time I started having my eyebrows done professionally after hacking away at them and they had become a cockeyed mess), I noticed my eyebrow was actually starting to physically slide down my face.

Funny, I thought using a muscle more made it stronger, in this case, gravity pulled the brow downward.

I’m no ophthalmologist, so I don’t know why the Spock expression would pull things down and not up like doing pecs.


I digress.

So, as a volunteer this past week, I got injections of Dysport, which is a muscle relaxant like Botox Cosmetic. Dysport however, lasts longer in most people, maybe 2-4 weeks longer than Botox.  What’s more, if you continue your treatment, and get a tune up right when you notice the affects waning, your next Dysport treatment will last even longer.

Such is the way this category of aesthetic treatments work.  If you start early enough, you can avoid deep lines and wrinkles making headway to permanence, and after awhile you need less product because your muscles learn to behave and stay put.

Dr. Melanie Tantisira injected Dysport after numbing the injection area around my brows and crow’s feet with a cubie – which is a super cold pillow of ice.  She also uses super fine acupuncture needles so imagine getting a shot with a straw vs a shot with a strand of hair circumference.

So I pretty much did not feel anything.

Dr. Tantisira is an ophthalmologist so she knows the anatomy of the eye area back and forth, and forth and back.  Many in the audience asked about nurses doing injections, internists, dentists and everyone who has hopped on the bandwagon, but at the end of the day for me, if I want help around my eyes, I’m going to go to an expert on the eye area.

While I was there at the workshop for the “Madonna Lift”, the audience said after 5 minutes or so, that they could see a difference in my right brow raising on it’s own without the help of Spock.

A few days later and it looks even better, so I don’t have to fake a raised brow with my eyebrow makeup.

Muscle relaxants like botox and dysport and xeomin don’t do everything but they help alot.  Once your whole face starts losing the chubby cheeks of youth, aka volume loss, then you’ll see hollowing under your eyes (tear troughs) and folds around your mouth because the cheeks aren’t holding up the tissue etc. You know stuff like jowls.

Then it’s time to bring out the dermal fillers like Restylane and Radiesse.

I’m not there yet, but Dr Tantisira tells me she can tell I sleep on my right side because the right temple has lost volume from doing so. So I can anticipate that.






A Place in the Sun

Hah! On my first date with the blue-eyed man aka man-in-my-life, he was telling me how much he enjoyed golf, kayaking and the water in general. I told him right then and there that I am a sunphobe.

Things were great up to that point, but just reading his face, I could tell he was a bit disappointed. To his credit he had a nice recovery and countered, but if it were later in the day when the sun isn’t so strong, that would be ok?

Life is a negotiation.

Sun exposure in and of it itself is a non-negotiable in Hawaii-most days we have a lot of sun. But people know to stay out of the sun during the hottest points of the day and wear plenty of sunscreen.

But when you are planning a day in the sun – like golfing when you haven’t golfed regularly and probably in for hours, well….

I’m starting off this morning by moisturizing mask of a thick layer of my ReVive’ cream.  I have jazz class later this morning and will drink at least a liter of Deep Sea Water (from the depths of the Big Island, underneath the sea I think.  Real deep sea water is more expensive because they have to desalinize it etc).

My plan is after my shower, Kiehl’s Power Line Concentrate vitamin C, followed by Rosa Artica to seal in that first layer.  Under my eyes I will try out Laura Mercier‘s Eye Serum.  After that has a moment to sink in I will follow with my Clarins spf40. Let that dry a bit and put on a physical block, Neutregena55.   Over that, Laura Mercier Radiance Primer, and then Laura Merceir Tinted Moisturizer – both spf20.

I asked the makeup artist from Laura Mercier, Mark the other day at the Nordstrom’s event, why the color products did not have higher spf and he said because it would effect the formula. Makes sense. They did recommend a chemical and a physical block, and that you can’t really put more spf over foundation if you want to be flawless.

For face color, I will do brows, and line with Laura Mercier tight liner in Bleu Marine, her creme shadow, and maybe a smudge of Caviar shadow in smoke – all products that have staying power.  For lips, I will line a little, put on some initial lip gel color in Courtesan(by Laura) and carry around my Baby Lips, spf25 lip balm.  I also keep a little pot of moisturizer in my pocket which I shamelessly apply in public.

Multiple layers yes–and that vitamin C layer is its own block in the form of anti-oxidants.

Onto the bod.

My plan is to moisturize with my Johnson&Johnson 24 hour (my last bottle). On top of that I have Kiehl’s spf30 which I will put on my neck, arms and legs.  For my chest I will also apply another layer of Neutregena55.  I’ve noticed the times that I am out in the sun a little bit the neck area gets pink on me.

For my hair, believe it or not that’s a consideration as well.  I use the Kitoko Oil in my hair which has anti-oxidants which provide UV protection-probably not a lot but something is better than nothing.  Since I use a gloss on my hair, my color doesn’t really fade-it washes out after 6 weeks or so, but my grow out is faster so I am on a 4 week schedule at this point.

So that’s pre-sun. What about apres soleil?

I think we are going out to dinner so this may follow later. But I plan to do a Korean cloth mask with hyularonic acid.  HA is a naturally occurring chemical in your body which is basically a moisturizer.  They also use it in products like Restylane which is injected into your crevices to plump up lines.

Follow that with a mask of Orlane, and a generous slather of Rosa Artica and Vitamin C. I think that will help repair any exposure damage.

For my body, I have my new favorite moisturizers-CeraVe’ body cream and Aveena Baby 24 Hour Body Cream for Sensitive Skin.

I know-it’s a lot but I take skin and sun exposure seriously.

Anyway, this is what I do—