Experimenting with Retin A

I tried Retin A like 20 years ago, and I couldn’t handle the flaking of my skin.

It was just horrible. People would come up to me and ask if I was using Retin A, or did I get a sunburn and was I peeling?

I was looking for something in the search of dealing with my crepey-fying eyelids and the vertical lines that have appeared in the last few months.

So, I have been reading up on Retin A and using it sparingly on the lids, because lids are skin right?

So, like always, more is more right?

I dabbed on the Retin A pretty liberally for 2 months. And I never really did flake much, but I noticed that the crepeness and fine vertical lines got worse.

So, I’ve been creaming up my eyes with Shiseido Benefiance, which has pretty much reversed most of the affects of the Retin A.

I think I’ll continue to use it on my face skin.

Or as usual, where products go to die.

On my feet.


PS the shiseido product is the only thing i have liked. But I might try the sunscreen.