Sun Baked Skin Remedy


Hehe-actually that described my skin after baking in the LA sun this past week.

I came home exhausted from our 3 hour delay, took a shower and fell into bed.

The next day I did my regular routine of shower than lotion and sunscreen, but it didn’t quite do the trick-my skin still felt like a desert.

I used one of those Korean face masks this morning too.  I read about COQ10 recently and its lifting properties, you know the basic anti-aging stuff.  I put it on, and as usual left it on for probably an hour as I worked.

The mask did a great job-I feel like my skin looked brighter, definitely cleaner, and very moisturized.

Inspired with the results, I put together my typical sugar and honey scrub, knowing the housekeepers are coming tomorrow!

Not nearly the mess that the Ahava Dead Sea Mud made and effective results! What more could I hope for?

Putting on the same lotion as yesterday, my skin is smooth and moisturized and really really soft!