You Had Me At Hello-Shiseido Benefiance Eye Cream

I used to like Shiseido products when I was in my 20-s. For a girl out of college and on a budget, to indulge was a treat! Other girls who lived at home, or otherwise had expenses handled, regularly purchased new shoes, Lancome make up, and were always perfectly coiffed.

I on the other hand, shopped at The Wild Pair in the sale bin(I got some seriously awesome shoes), wore what was on sale at Longs, usually L’Oreal, and once got a haircut on the referral of the same friend, and I ended up with a mullet.

I’m thoroughly convinced that when a stylist is ready to kick you to the curb, or has had a fight with their significant person, they cut my hair in a mullet. This p-rick actually took the shaver out and made the sides of my hair less than a 1/4 inch long. I started to protest but this samurai attitude(I think his name was Tony-the salon was in the Ala Moana area across the street from Mary Ann Chang Photography), made me shrink back. My Dad was in shock.

So, I rarely rarely rarely have my haircut differently than the same long boring barely layered style. I’m sure my stylist falls asleep standing up doing my hair.

Anyway, I digress.

My current non-use of Shiseido products was at the level, that even if they had an ad in Allure or wherever, I would walk on by. Even GWP offers did not catch my eye. Those b’s in Shirokiya Shiseido department are well, just b’s. So even when I have been interested in buying Beauty Cake soap, they act snobby like they are selling Cleu De Peu.

Geez-get a clue.

This particular ad, was laid out differently tho-I am in the marketing business, and can tell when the client has given the agency marching orders to maximize the spend by cramming everything in the same ad.


4 of Shiseido’s Benefiance products were crammed into the same ad-all lined up horizontally-exactly how a client who was a linear thinker might dictate.

I read through the most left-hand product and saw the words”inner eye lines”-meaning the lines in the inside corner of your eyes. In my case, that would include the fine lines that appear in the afternoon after a day of crinkling my nose and making expressions.

This is an area of particular concern since I purchased a 4x mirror and inspect my eye liner and other make up around my eye.

Getting old is a drag. Pretty soon I’ll be wearing y reading glasses to put on makeup!


So, I take a leap and purchase the product without sampling, as I’m too lazy to go to Sephora, and the counter people at Macys rarely sample.

Lo and behold-when I apply a pea-sized portion, which I tap in, then take a brush to blend in, the inner eye wrinkles disappear.

Of course they reappear during the day-but for me this is a gentler option than using some of the spackle products likes Miracle Blur or Clinique’s Super Skin Primers.

This way I get treatment and fulfillment.

However, fickle as always, I have my inner eye focused on Fresh’ Black Tea Eye Cream. I had a sample, and that was just as effective.

It never ends.