Pearl Cloth Mask–Shimmer!

I was running thru my condo for a quick treatment session of secret single behavior and decided to try one of my Korean cloth masks.

If you’ve never heard of them, these are moist, cloth masks that have different ingredients infused into them for different treatments.  You can choose from green tea, mung bean, rose, and many more.

The other day, for no particular reason I chose the Pearl Mask.  The package describes the mask as, “A clear and translucent mask sheet for smooth and light absorption and intensive efficacy of pearl”.

Actually I’m not exactly sure what that means-there’s some loss in translation.

So I did a little internet search – I mean you guys have seen those “ancient chinese secret” ads over the years, where the asian model is caressing a jar of a cream with pearl?

In a nutshell freshwater pearls and oyster shells are ground fine.  These crushed products have been used for years as a skin lightening treatment and to fortify the skin with calcium.

So I put it on for about 20 minutes while I am watching TV-it feels cool and refreshing.  I’m not expecting much more than just to feel moisturized.

I take the mask off (which is pretty Jason-looking from Friday the 13th)  and my face actually looks whitish.  Not so much shimmery – but actually looks white.

So I put on my regular routine of tinted moisturizer, sunscreen et al.  I really think the product did provide some “whitening” by distributing some of the crushed product.  Did not appear to immediately wipe off, and the next day appeared to have some affect.

Anyway-for the coolness and moisturizing properties on a warm day, the mask is great.