Smoothe Me Over Baby!

Just when I was going to ride my bike it has started to pour rain again!

Oh well.

I take great pride in having soft skin with regular morning and evening slatherings of lotion of the moment.

Anyone who reads me knows I love the smell of baby lotion….and the baby cream formula really is great, but…

For grownups-a little glycolic acid goes a long way.

Okay-don’t get scared, this stuff won’t burn your skin like a scary movie.

Rather, it accelerates exfoliation of the skin’s upper layer.  You know the crusty one exposed to the harsh elements everyday.

I’ve been using it for a few days now, and I feel a difference already.  I think I’ll try it on my feet!




Mud Bath

Err shower.

Boy, if the blue eyed man had witnessed the sloshy mess in the shower…..

Anyway, I decided to stall starting work today by trying out the Ahava Dead Sea Mud full body mask. You basically apply the product all over your body with particular attention to sore or achy muscles. (You can also warm it up in the nuker for extra help).  The dead sea minerals purify and moisturize the skin.

My skin felt not quite tingly, but felt like something active was going on.  Not like a menthol action-but something like that.

I also did the dead sea mud facial mask at the same time—the mask is mostly for cleansing.

I wonder how much exfoliation actually occurs as both masks have a little bit of texture-not grainy, but not cream either.

After 10 minutes or so–the mud flowed.  Very fine grains yes, but well, you never know what kind of a mess something like this will make.  It was easy enough to clean up.

I put on my regular regime of Kiehl’s Power Concentrate and Rosa Artica-and the products did not go into my skin immediately – kind of sat on top of it.

Anyway–my body skin where I used the body mask still feels a little warm and tingly.

And the shower is clean.


DryDock-Secret Single Behaviors

Just recently I had all the time in the world to do my secret single behaviors.

You know in Sex-In-The-City Carrie ate crackers and read her fashion magazines and Charlotte stared into the mirror counting the pores on her nose.

I am constantly amazed at how people who have regular jobs that they appear at in the morning, and stay thru the day, maybe running errands at lunch, I always wonder how they get everything done. Like grocery shopping, laundry, clean the house, pick up haircare, study and buy beauty products,  dry-cleaning etc. I guess that’s why shopping centers and such are so busy on the weekend and the weekday evenings.  I usually avoid those areas at those times.

Since I freelance, that’s pretty easy for me.  My schedule is pretty much my own-at least until recently when I started hanging with the man-in-my-life on a frequent basis.  It hasn’t been very long(the post office just sent a note saying my 3-month forwarding of mail is pau) but it has impacted my schedule.

So…yesterday and today I have a little time to drydock myself back into shape. You know those little things you do when the b or g-friend is not around.

Like for me that would include my honey body scrub to soften me up to silky smoothness, dermologica gentle cream exfoliant for my face, followed by a moisture mask, polish my toes, file my nails, do my bleph treatment on my lower and upper lids(helps with moisture in my eyes for contact lens), deep condition my hair, dehair, and moisturize with my new product Cerave’ body cream(recommended by a reader for sensitive skin-the real moisture test for me will be to use it during the day and see how it goes).

I’ve always been a great time manager so I do all of this while I am doing my work.  So though drydock means resting at a spa for some people, for me it means it’s a double-duty multi-tasking day.


Oh Honey Honey! Honey Sugar Body Scrub

Well, I felt like I was getting rough around the edges so I decided to do a body scrub and I thought about doing the coconut scrub(sweet sticky Thang), but recalled that honey is also known for its wonderful healing properties.  Plus it’s natural and I figured it would leave less mess in the tub!

I’m all for that!!!

I did about a half cup of honey and added maybe 3/4 cup of granulated sugar. Surprisingly it stiffened very quickly so I added a little water.

Scrubbing away I found that the best way was to apply, then wet my hands a bit so there was more liquid to swish/scrub around the honey sugar mix.

Smells really good too!  Perfect for a romantic night! Yay.

Clean up was a breeze.  You should probably still use some cleanser on the tub to avoid bugs.

So, I think the reason I take the time to do this is, when someone tells me my skin is sooooooo soft that makes me feel it is all worth it.

Plus, I used to use chemical exfoliating body lotions like Neostrata and Amlactin, but I bet they tasted nasty!



Outcome: Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spots Solution

Ok, I know I was supposed to compare the Kiehl’s product for the sun spots under my eyes to the spot on my foot ( I live in Hawaii so my feet are exposed in sandals), but I lost interest in the second step.

I did however, carry it through the whole bottle using the product morning and day until the bottle was empty.

My experience was it made the spots under my eyes smaller but did not remove them completely.  I decided I wanted to move on to another product so I decided to not purchase another bottle.

You have probably experienced similar outcomes, and when you mention it to the salesperson, they recommend 2-3 bottles.  I’ve taken that route too, and the only product that I think works well and I will continue to buy is another Kiehl’s product – Power Line Reducer.

The vitamin C product has reduced my spots overall, and the other day when I was rushing and late getting to an appointment, I put on my sunscreen, lipstick, brows, liner and mascara and NO Foundation!

I feel confident enough to not wear foundation to a business appointment.  Now that is saying something about the results!

In any case, the Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective product does work, but may take a few bottles to really see results that you’ll appreciate.


Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep-The Case for SkinCare

I’m not going to talk about how men don’t do anything, and as they get old they look “distinguished”.

I’m going to talk about – when you are sleeping, this is the best time to take care of your skin. Plus you don’t have to worry about product not mixing with your foundation primer, or sunscreen, your moisturizer melting your eyeliner and so on.

No, at night is the perfect time to slather it on.

But if you don’t,   if you wash your face and fall into bed without anything…

At least put a nice thick cream around your eyes, your forehead and naso-labial folds around your mouth. It’s more about sealing in moisture-especially after you’ve used soap to wash it.

Think about it, it’s an investment in what you look at when you are brushing your teeth everyday and what other people see. You can choose to use Avon or Olay-they make some good products, or you can use something in a fancier package. Whatever floats your boat.

At the end of the day, some products just work better for some people. I know a lady who is in her 60-s who uses Olay Total Effects and her skin is glorious. It’s not the price tag-it’s the chemistry of the product working with your skin.

So, do something!


Please Don’t Tug On Your Face!

I belong to a gym and looooovvve my dance classes.  In the locker room, we have vanity mirrors to get ready for the day with our selection of creams and potions.

One thing, I have always been fascinated with is watching people do their grooming routine.  As a little girl, I used to watch my Dad shave and apply after shave before going off to work.

I continue this fascination – and no I’m not creepily watching people. I’m in the open and I frequently tell people I just love to watch people put make up on.

The point I want to make in this blog is, please don’t tug on your facial skin when you put on the creams that are supposed to prevent lines and wrinkles!  Take a little product, warm it with your (clean) fingers and pat it on!  Please pat – don’t put it on and drag it across your facial skin!  I learned this from one of my Korean friends, who has gorgeous skin.  She told me her dermatologist in Korean told her to pat products on, maybe use a slight slapping motion to stimulate the skin.

I do this patting on of my moisturizer and it works for foundation also.  Instead of making that yawning kind of face when you are going around your mouth – don’t! Just pat the product on, and you’ll achieve a smooth effect without physically smoothing.

So it follows——-please don’t open your mouth when you apply mascara.  Tilt your head up.  This also helps with getting the mascara deep into your lashes and pulls the lashes up, giving a curling effect.

I don’t know where the mouth thing came from – but I think mothers have passed it down for years, and really there is no reason to stretch your face to widen your eye area.

Lastly, my friend asked me about facial massage.  Only with the most delicate motion, and always lubricated with cream or oil.

My aunt just turned 91—always a believer in moisturizer, and when they developed sunscreen she added it to her regimen.

Moisturizer, sunscreen repeat infinitum.

The case for good skincare- my aunt is 91!