I’ve run into a second product in the past year that my skin reacted badly to—Oil of Olay’s Silk Whimsy body cream in Rose fragrance.  I used the product once and noticed that the fragrance was very strong but didn’t smell much like roses-almost a fake chemical smell.

I wanted to try it out anyway-my truly fragranced products like Philosophy’s Falling in Love body lotion or Laura Mercier’s Pistachio body creme don’t have this effect, but these less expensive products have something in them that makes my skin VERY upset.

Within a day of using the product I got a few little spots–I thought it was heat rash because I went “trotting” which is slow jogging.  I shrugged it off.

Used the product again and noticed that the spots became more numerous. Immediately stopped the product and applied a little cortaid cream which pretty much took care of the rash.

To mention another product, I tried St Ives body lotion, don’t remember the   fragrance but also had a severe reaction to that as well. That reaction was so bad, my friend who is a personal injury lawyer thought I might have actionable issues.

I guess people with sensitive skin to start out with know to avoid these fragranced products but as I age, I think I am joining the ranks.

I read about Cerave’ products recently and a reader also suggested their lotions for their moisturizing properties.  I bought the body cream version-I always go for the most heavy formula because I like extremes, and this morning my skin is pretty silky soft.

Cetaphil products have always been a hit with me and I really love a new product Aveeno Baby lotion with 24-hour moisture with oatmeal to calm the skin.  Tried it at my mom’s house in Maui and really kicked Vaseline Intensive Care’s Aloe body lotion (which if I continued to use that would probably cause a reaction). Besides Intensive Care is so 80-s – I guess they have a lot of old faithful followers.

Johnson&Johnson baby body washes in the apple and honey or shea formulas are great too!  Their baby body lotions don’t quite do it for me, but their baby body cream is pretty good.


It probably makes sense in the long run to make the switch to products made for sensitive skin-hopefully they have less chemicals?


Sweet Sticky Thang! Coconut Oil and Sugar Body Scrub

I love to moisturize to keep my skin soft and silky.

I strongly prefer sugar scrubs to salt scrubs.  It just seems to me that salt would dry my skin out and be counter productive.  I have used L’Occitane’s Honey and Lemon, Bliss’, Freeman Hot Green Apple–I really like the get down grittiness of these scrubs because, I’m sorry the ones with the little beads just don’t do me.

Never ever use abrasive scrubs on your face! Bad bad bad!  What is the difference from using a piece of sandpaper on your face?

I digress. Back to….

I was looking in the all-purpose Long’s for the Freeman Hot Green Apple product I used to use not that long ago.  I loved it because the product actually would heat up a little bit.  The salesclerk said they stopped carrying it.

Thinking back to a conversation I had with Hillary J-who does my shiny shiny glossy hair-Hillary suggested using coconut oil for hair and skin.  Super green and no chemicals what’s not to like?

Most of the scrubs you might get in a fancy resort or spa, have a base of exotic oils like macadamia or whatever.  I love the smell of coconut oil so….

I mixed up about a 1/3 cup of coconut oil and added about 1 cup of basic everyday granulated sugar.  Got in the shower/bath tub without the water on and went to work.  I did add a teeny bit of water to get the mix more spreadable.  

Be careful when you rinse.  The oil is going to make the tub slippery, and of course clean the tub after yourself!  By far this was not as messy as Fresh’ brown sugar scrub that is mixed with macadamia nut oil.

My skin, I can’t tell you how silky it is, plus just a hint of coconut smell.MMMMM!

Try it before a hot date, or date night–or any night!  Yay!!!



Guys you can do this too!  I knew someone a looooonnnnnnnggggg time ago and he gave me a hug- his skin rubbed on mine and I couldn’t believe his skin. Rasp is the best word that comes to mind. It still stands out in my mine 25+ years ago, so that couldn’t be good!