See Me Clearly-Mirrors

Can I get a witness?

You just know that some stores have better try-on rooms than others.

Hands down in Honolulu – the absolute worst changing rooms whether it’s in the Brass Plum, Individualist, Savvy or otherwise, is in Nordstroms.

It’s a wonder that anyone buys anything. Doesn’t matter how many crunches you’ve done or pilates, or miles you’ve run, the mirrors, the lights-are the worst ever!  Nords on the mainland doesn’t seem to have this problem so what’s the deal?

Macy’s try-on rooms, pretty much anywhere in Hawaii are just filthy-nuff said.

You get what you pay for. In Neiman’s you get great lights, big 3-way mirrors and the salesperson cooing every few minutes asking if you’d like something else.  Plus they bring you a pair of shoes if you’re tooling around in your flip flops.

When DKNY was still open, you had the two junk rooms, and the one, larger great room.  My regular salesperson would put me in the big room, and the people not interested in their commission would put me in the small rooms, that were cramped.  DKNY did have good lights.

Betsy Johnson is closing and I am sad.  I have a few cocktail dresses from her- nothing like BJ for a sexy dress!  But her dressing rooms were pretty bad – using curtains!

Banana Republic Kahala  – not bad.  Definitely have skinny mirrors.

Gilly Hicks, Abercombie & Fitch. Ok I know I am an old fart just trying to buy a bra or t-shirt, but I can’t hear myself see in here!

Ohelo Road Kahala – for years I wore this boutique’s clothes. But nowadays, I swear they still have stuff on their shelves that just haven’t moved in the slow economy. But their try on rooms were just curtains as well.

I can give Sports Authority and other places not known for clothes no diss for bad try on rooms because that’s not what they are about-but they could improve from having gum on the floor.

Okay so I don’t enter Chanel and the like often-but really – if the lower priced stores shelled out for a few more lights, cleaning and doors don’t you think they would sell more?



I did have a penchant for St John for awhile-they had a season or two with more contemporary styles but, at the end of the day, nice dressing rooms, but the clothes are just too old fart!