MAC Attack! In Extreme Dimension Lash

I’m not a mascara expert-but for my stubby asian lashes, I have to admit I am impressed.

I went to Macy’s hoping to grab the Lancome’ Hypnose mascara, art liner, and make up remover set for $25, but the salesperson said the WW mall location only had 3 and were sold out.

That’s just another blog.

So, I’m almost through all of my samples of Laura Mercier and Clinique, Benefit etc. so I thought I’d get an old standby-MAC’s Zoom Lash or False Eyelashes-both I’ve tried and really like.

I kind of outgrew MAC’s ultra-madeup foundation and intense eye looks a few years ago, so I’ve shied away from their counter.

So I needed a little help from the salesgirl–I’m usually looking for length, volume and a little curl.  I already had mascara on, and it was woefully inadequate-felt like I had nothing on.

In Extreme is like Bobbi Brown’s After Party–it’s mascara you can put on, like say if you have a hot date or event after work. Over your morning mascara.


The brush is big and pretty fat-and the formula easily glides on and POOF my lashes were a 1/4 inch longer and curling up nicely.


And they stayed in the position until I took it off 9 hours later!

The best thing for me is-I don’t like lots of steps so if the mascara doesn’t come off with something gentle like Cerave’s facial wash, I consider it a fail. Too much work.

Even when I used to take intense aerobic workouts, I never used anything more than Great Lash, non water proof and never had a problem with smears.

I venture to guess most mascara formulas are water resistant nowadays. Just standard.


I’m a one coat mascara gal – so MAC gets my vote!