The Face Shop-Super Perfect Sun Cream SPF 50+

I’m always in search of sunscreen for the face-I’m not into BB CC creams much because you have to put on a good amount of sunscreen to get the benefit, and BB CC creams offer more than I want when it comes to coverage.

I enjoy going to The Face Shop-a Korean cosmetic and skincare store that opened in Hawaii a few years ago in McCully Shopping Center (really bad parking) and now Ward Warehouse (good parking).

The young girls are very helpful and use many of the products.  They give free samples with every purchase. (When I run out of my Clarin’s toner, I am buying their Green Tea toner-really nice!).

The most popular sunscreen is the whitening version of the same Natural Sun, Super Perfect Sun Cream, SPF 50+.

It’s somewhere in between a liquid like Clarin’s UV 40, and thick cream like Banana Boat or Dr. Melanie Tantisira’s physical, chemical free sun block.

It does feel moisturizing, and goes on easily over make up.  My friend asked me what the active ingredient was and I didn’t know. I did know the packaging is in a blend of english and korean. (Turns out it is sunflower sprout extract–coincidentally, Clarin’s uses the same in it’s neck cream).

As you may have figured out in the post about La Roche-Posay, I don’t read the package info often.

It’s like setting up a car stereo in high school- just mess around with a bunch of wires until you get music coming out of the speakers.

I do get a little irritation if I put the product on my eyelids-but nothing like the last product.  I really like the creaminess and non-greasy formula.  I use the Super Goop Vitamin C spray on product for my body, and it spells like oranges, but is sticky and definitely greasy. I think it gave me a bit of a rash too.

Anyway for $15 bucks or so-I like this product. Comparable in price to Cerave’ and Cetaphil, but natural based.

I like that.



Madonna Lift-Free Workshop

For those who have heard about the Madonna Lift, and have questions, than Dr. Melanie Tantisira’s workshop on 9/26 is the place to be.

I attended one of Dr T’s informative sessions a few months back, and the best part was the Q&A.  In the cozy setting of her office, attendees shared their concerns, and it was nice to have some interchange.

We’ve all been to workshops where the presenter says,, “any questions?”, and then everybody hits the street.

In any case, Dr T will talk about the Madonna Lift, share before and after stories, and talk about Botox and dermal fillers such as Radiesse and Restylane and how using them with the procedure, enhances the results.

She will probably include info on the Accent XL-it’s a radio frequency treatment that tightens skin and smooths cellulite.  I’m thinking I would like to have my little bit of skin under my neck treated, and possibly my décolleté.  I’ve preached about SPF on my face, but neglected my decollete and neck, so there you have it. I’m seeing aging of my skin if I did not use SPF all these years.

Like I said, it’s cozy, so if you’re interested, sign up by calling 808-591-9111. That means, seating is very limited.


Skull Face – Lost Weight? or Just Old?

When I look at my face in the morning I usually can gauge if I got enough sleep or not pretty easily.  My right eye tends to sag a lot if I am tired and otherwise my skin texture looks kind of blah.

Or I feel if I lose a little too much weight, my face starts to look kind of skeleton-like – bony. Some people think this is a good look, but I just think I could eat more potato chips and slather on some butter.

After visiting Melanie Tantisira, a physician of ophthmalogy and aesthetic specialist – I now know some of blame can just be put on old age and aging and gravity.

And the fact that I sleep on my right-side and the tissue on the right temple is more flattened as a result.


But then, when my side of the bed was the left-side, I always slept on my left side – so does that mean I could even out eventually?

Knowing that most people are territorial about what side of the bed they claim–that ain’t gonna happen.

So – what’s the antidote?

Gain a pound or two?


Look at those firming – volume enhancing products? Just can’t see how a product can plump up your face.

Next step would be to add a little dermal filler.

Getting old is a bitch. Can’t lose weight without looking older, can’t gain weight that doesn’t go to my gut.



Laura Mercier Eye Shadow Primer

I’m not sure why, or maybe it’s just genetics, but I see more and more small veins on my eyelids.  I’ve read as skin gets older the skin thins, and eyelids are skin, so…

I like to wear a Guava eye shadow from Laura Mercier.  It’s a sheer, peachy kind of color that brightens my lids without a lot of color.

Of late, I’ve noticed that the veins are getting harder to cover, so I decided to revisit eye shadow primer.  I had purchased “Linen” from LM, but I decided it made my eyelids too white pinkish and instead used it for my Halloween Zombie make up on my face!  It was pretty scary!

Consulting another makeup artist at NM, she suggested I used the Wheat color-totally makes sense because it matches my complexion and covers the veins but doesn’t change the color of my lids. So, my eye shadow has a truer base to start from.

The older I get the less makeup I use on my eyes-seems like I spend more time camouflaging   .

Maybe I should check out Dr. Tantisira’s fractional laser – I’ve talked to her before and her skin is flawless-no foundation whatsoever.  She does a pre-regimen of sunscreen applied 3-times daily a month prior to procedure and in some cases a melanin-prohibiting cream.

I’m a late adopter in most things – I’m still using an iPhone 3GS – am I sliding into the future?

I wish I may, I wish I might, see flawless skin, smooth and tight!

Oh well.


Smoothe Me Over Baby!

Just when I was going to ride my bike it has started to pour rain again!

Oh well.

I take great pride in having soft skin with regular morning and evening slatherings of lotion of the moment.

Anyone who reads me knows I love the smell of baby lotion….and the baby cream formula really is great, but…

For grownups-a little glycolic acid goes a long way.

Okay-don’t get scared, this stuff won’t burn your skin like a scary movie.

Rather, it accelerates exfoliation of the skin’s upper layer.  You know the crusty one exposed to the harsh elements everyday.

I’ve been using it for a few days now, and I feel a difference already.  I think I’ll try it on my feet!