Vett Me!

The first time I heard someone use the word “vett”, it was from a lawyer.

Me, not wanting to appear like I didn’t understand the word, listened further before I responded.

Some time after, I heard the word used again, and it dawned on me, “vett” is an “in” word. You know like, “flick”, “bling” et al.

Then the bf used it when I first met him–he being a marketing person like me, I think he was testing me by seeing if I understood the word without a blank eyed stare requesting explanation.


I was perusing the current issue of New Beauty magazine with Kate Hudson on the cover and it boasted their product awards were tucked inside the issue.

I love these kinds of issues because I always like to hear about new stuff.

Thing is…they highlighted Revive’s Moisture Renewal Cream as a great moisturizer for DAY.

Thing about that is–the silky product is for NIGHT only!

I guess you can use it for day if you wanted to – but the official Revive’ site states it is for day.

Then-top that-there is a whole section that precedes the physician directory about how “vetted” the docs and the products are –anointed with the New Beauty seal of approval!


I love the mag-but really!

Seriously? Someone needs a vett!