Man Makeover

Men I have loved. Men who have potential. Here’s a few tips on improving your chances for a kiss.


Starting from the top, a nice haircut is fine.  Just keep it trimmed. Shaggy and Scooby Doo were an item for a reason.


Unibrow-just say no.  Ladies endure waxing –  so let it flow.


Sideburns-ewgh.  What are you Elvis?




Nose hairs-clipped, and clean (you know what I mean!)


Nose – Biore nose strips, steam, cleanse, repeat.


Fresh breath – you really improve your chances if your breath is fresh.  Extra points if your teeth are white and shiny!


Fingernails – clean, clipped, short.  I see men with long fingernails who are musicians, but if you don’t play an instrument, please clip it just looks nasty.


Toenails – clean, clipped, short, no crust, no fungus. You really reduce your chances for a kiss.


Bathed. Nuff said. A clean man is pure ambrosia.


Cologne – spray the air and walk through.


Fresh clothes-men in a clean t-shirt that is freshly laundered in Tide or Gain is Heaven!


Really, guys, it’s easy, it’s just hygiene.  You can stay at home with a beer and a bag of chips, or you can improve your chances.


For a kiss.