Nakeds 3-In Search of STRANGE

My disclaimer is I have never purchased any of the Nakeds pallets-beautiful as they are-they always looked like more than enough. Instead I go off and I buy palettes that the colors immediately catch my eye and fall in love with at first site like Laura Mercier’s spring palette last year.  Even so, I only use the light blue color in that palette on the center of my lid to open it up-the other colors are too-too.  It looked to me like that was the palette used on J Lo in the American Idol’s season premiere where she wore the controversial blue dress. I thought she looked stunning and her make up was flawless(as always), which started a discussion with the bf who said-no, she’s pretty naturally. Just like Stevie Nicks and Jennifer Anniston-all natural beauties with or without make up.

Yeah right.

I love the bf because he is so pollyanna and I am so the skeptic. Even when I googled-J Lo without makeup-his response was-that must have been a bad day for her.



My girlfriend did buy the Nakeds 3 palette, but wasn’t using it so she lent it to me to check out. The colors applied to your face are always different than when applied to the hand-of course.

I used 2 of the mattes, Strange and Limit and used the darkest color, Blackheart, to make a slightly smoky eye. Looked nice.

Strange was better than the Laura Mercier Guava I use–lately I had noticed that Guava didn’t look so good on my lids as they are getting a little crepey.

So I decided to search for Strange in a single pallette-which of all the millions of colors Urban Decay has to offer, they don’t offer in a singlet.

Next step-find a similar color in another line.

I find it amazing that the salespeople for the various lines, are not so passionate about makeup that they DO NOT check out other lines.

Seriously, I went to 4 counters in Nords-and none of the ladies had more than a conceptual idea about the Nakeds 3 palette.

I subsequently went to Macys.  I took a big thick swipe of Strange from the Nakeds 3 palette and walked around the various counters.

I was thinking that Stila or Benefit might have a matte color, nope.

Went to Chanel and Dior, I knew Clinique would not have anything.  I don’t really like the colors at Estee Lauder or Shiseido. Lancome did have something very similar in a pallette, but I didn’t swipe to compare.

Got to the Bobbi Brown counter-but they must have been out to lunch. Bobbi is known for her natural colors and indeed I found a replacement in Shell.

Shell/Strange is a pale matte beige pink-it doesn’t read pink on the eye, nor does it shimmer like Guava.  It’s the perfect base color for my aging lids as it brightens my eye without calling attention to the skin quality.