Econo Size ME!

I learned something new today.

I emailed my friend Lincoln, who is a hair expert, and asked if shampoos go bad? I wondered because I use Neuma which is organic-so I’m thinking no weird dyes and preservatives┬áthat normally keep all the good ingredients from spoiling.

He let me know that customers need to wash out and sanitize containers when they re-use them, or otherwise refill them with product.

I’m sure we all have a few of those travel size containers we fill up to take to the gym or put in our suitcase?

What happens is if you simply rinse out a container with water, the water has minerals in it that breakdown the plastic and cause it to leach. ┬áSo when you take your empty bottles to refill at some beauty stores, if you have not sanitized the containers, you may have a problem with the product becoming rancid quickly. What’s more, other scary and carcinogenic chemicals may also be released from the plastic into the container and onto you and your hair.

Even if your plastic container is recyclable, it is highly recommended to use it only once, and not rinse!

In any case, it makes me think about the fact that I rinse my water bottles out and refill them-I know a lot of people do.

So, I guess I should move onto one of those metal containers, but don’t they have their own issues?

Really, what’s safe anymore?