Winam Studio Officially Opens in Kaimuki!

Winam Studio is in the top 5 topics for my blog!  Amongst the blogs about Nerium, lots of skincare and makeup and The Face Shoppe’s foot mask, I’ve written about Hillary J and her amazing skills as a stylist.

When I first met her a little over a year ago, she was still at her home studio on Winam Street in Kapahulu, then at Billy Fong’s where she decided to go for it for real and create a space in Kaimuki.

On my first visit she told me her history of growing up in the restaurant business, being a paramedic, a firefighter in CA and then going to beauty school in Oakland.  Returning to Hawaii, she cut and styled at Macy’s for 9 years.

I recently found out she was studying to be a nurse but her customers begged her not to! She realized that her jobs all had the same thing in common- a person came needing help, she diagnosed the situation, and gave them a solution.


Nestled above the post office on Kokohead Avenue, Hillary J’s new space echoes the zen-like quality of the original with a peaceful sitting area, buddah art and orchids.  Her husband and partner built out the space with the help of a designer friend who specializes in small spaces with creative budgets.

It’s pretty amazing – yet still feels right in Kaimuki.


I’ll Follow YOU!


So you guys know how I give a lot of credit to Hillary J for getting my hair back to a healthy condition via using vegetable gloss to color the gray, instead of using “color” and harsh, drying dye?

Hillary J will be opening her own location on Kokohead Avenue in Kaimuki – near Jose’s Mexican Cafe & Cantina.

It will echo a lot of Winam Hair Studio’s zen like quality – not so far out like you’ll hear tinkling bells and incense, but a mellow atmosphere is planned.

I might miss the spaceship contraption at Billy F.’s for setting in my gloss, but that’s ok, the gloss stayed in before and will again!