The People You Meet at Winam (Street)

All people of a certain age remember Cheers!,  and the moment Norm walked in everyone called Norm!

That’s kind of how it feels when I go to Winam (Street) Studio.

I started going there when I found Hillary Juliette on yelp and found a woman who had hair like mine and I liked her cut.

A year and give or take a few months later, I’ve met some interesting people.

Today I met Dr. Chocolate.  An interesting guy who consults in cacao bean farming – which get this, Hawaii is the only state in our great nation, where the stuff of chocolate grows!  He got a cool cut, that made him come in looking professorial, and leaving looking a little sassy.  I think he had some extra bounce to his step too!

The other client today got a golden gloss over her highlights and a cool long bang, short on the back cut and style which Hillary J basically just finger brushed it while blow-drying.

Another client just moved back to Hawaii and she looked to be in her late 50-s and was making a transition back into the job market with a cool short cut that took advantage of her curls – had a really interesting nape too!

The time before, the woman was a new client, and she went from kind of no-inspiration cut to something or someone with a new outlook on life.

I swear Hilllary J has a way of breathing new life into people via their hair.

I met her when I was on the brink of leaving my bf of 7 years, but had not quite made the jump.

I was kind of a wreck–I didn’t realize it at the time, but 10 pounds overweight, hair a mess and struggling to figure out what to do next.

Anyway -it’s not about me.

I just think the people I have met in the last year have been pretty interesting – from walks of life I would never have experienced.

And before going to Winam Studio, I never did.

Thank you Hillary J!


Where’s Winam?

Out and about delivering holiday gifts I was in Kaimuki yesterday and stopped in to visit Hillary J of Winam (Street) Studio of Elle Magazine’s Top 100 Hair Salons fame.

The new space on 1122 Kokohead, which is above the post office, echoes the original Winam’s zen calmness.  The chocolate-y color scheme, floor-length mirrors and the natural fiber design touches totally add to the coolness of the new space.

The comfy sitting area is partitioned off from the salon and like before, has a private feeling where you can kick off your shoes, put up your feet and relax a bit.

My own appointment is later this month–being in Kaimuki makes it easy for me and feels like coming home as I lived in St Louis Heights for 17 years!

Post photos soon!