Fit @ 51

Huff Puff.

Like seriously.

When I was in my 30-s, doing aerobics, running 5 miles a few times a week, lifting weights (not muscle conditioning, lifting the 35 lb olympic bar et al 6 days a week) and going out dancing ¬†-I did not foresee the day that I would say…

OMG-I don’t want to work out that hard.

In the last year or so, two gyms that do the crazy type work outs like P90XYZ or BJ Penn or  FIERCE POWER EXTREME KICK MY BOOTIE BOOT CAMP type of classes opened, and one more is threatening.

When I started ballet 6 plus years ago as an adult I was still doing pilates on the ball with weights class. Then after a while, the challenge in ballet increased, so I couldn’t blast out my quads and do ballet class after anymore.

Then I quit kick box class, cuz Reiko’s hap kido style really burned out my quads to the point I couldn’t do an attitude’ without serious pain.


Off and on I have gone to boot camp, zumba(boring to tears), turbo step etc. and nothing floats my boat.

I check out class schedules and my mind goes numb just reading about them.

And as for the power work outs-I just don’t want to work that hard.

Now that I am strong, toned but not cardio-fit – I really don’t want to get wrapped up on that endless treadmill of working out crazily.

Yes, I’ve done yoga. But I quit yoga when it came trendy to take class. I just couldn’t handle the competitiveness to stretch farther, twist further, or otherwise be fashionable.

So, I even searched youtube and found my old college 20 minute workout vids. Funny because I was still smoking those nasty cigarettes at the time, really was chubby and never exercised. But I would do the 20 minute workout in my living room.

So now I am searching for the perfect workout-probably to do at home, in front of the laptop with the clicker close by.

Any suggestions?