Lube Me Yu-Be-Japan’s Soft Skin Secret

I am always on the hunt for the next big facial moisturizer.


I had done a good amount of holiday shopping online at Sephora-and you know the drill, you’re always looking for something for the last little bit to reach free shipping nirvana.

I had seen Yu-Be moisturizer at Sephora before, but had decided against trying.

But seriously, the law of supply and demand, supply being Sephora was sold out of the stuff,

made me want it.

Not want it more.

Just want it.


Yu-Be was invented by a Japanese pharmacist in 1957 and it has glycerin, vitamin B2, E and sodium hyaluronate- a humectant which says “moisture come to me”.

yube-logo-smIt smells like camphor – also known as Vicks vapo-rub-the stuff your mom rubbed on your chest when you are little and congested.

The consistency is like neosporin-but not oily at all. Just sort of ointment-like.

A famous Japanese mountain-climber is the brand’s poster girl-having used it during her mountain climbing expeditions saying that she overcame extreme temperatures and winds using the product.

Me-I take half a pea and spread it around my crow’s feet area and around the sides of my mouth for an extra boost of lubricant and moisture.

Because at the end of the day, dryness causes wrinkles.